Term to 100

Term to 100 Insurance policies have level premiums that never change. In this way, they resemble Permanent Insurance policies.

Unlike Permanent Insurance, Term to 100 policies do not build up cash value and accumulate and pay dividends. Thus they resemble other Term Insurance policies.


John tells his insurance broker that he would like to have a fixed monthly cost for life for $100,000 in Life Insurance coverage. John’s broker suggests a Whole-Life permanent insurance policy with a fixed monthly premium of $220.00 for life. In spite of the benefits like dividends, being able to take loans on the policy and other positive features John tells his broker that this policy is just too expensive. His broker then proposes a Term to 100 policy instead. The coverage is for the same face amount, and the premium remains fixed, but will be reduced to $145.00 per month for life. John can afford this amount and he is quite pleased with this alternative.